Backwoods Coffee Roaster



The eternal quest for a great cup of coffee is shared by many. Freshly roasted coffee done in small batches, thirty pounds or less, is considered to be the best way of achieving the concise and bright origin flavors that produce that great cup of coffee. Micro roasting in this fashion gives the roast master greater control over the finished product. Once brewed, the result can actually change the way you drink coffee. Many Backwoods customers stop using creamers and sweeteners telling us that the coffee is not bitter and the actual origin flavors are much more enjoyable.

Although coffee will always be that morning elixir to get us going, it has long been the beverage to stimulate the senses. Coffee being the seasonal commodity that it is affords us the opportunity to try new origins and blends. At Backwoods Coffee Roaster we are confident your next perfect cup will be from
Backwoods Coffee Roaster.